Certification and Partners


The Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) is designed to be the single entry point for suppliers to the rail industry. Buyers of products and services throughout the GB rail industry use RISQS as its supplier qualification service.

RISQS helps suppliers sell in to the GB rail industry by providing an open, fair and transparent way for them to be formally recognised as capable providers of products and services.

This means the scheme supports Network Rail, Transport for London, passenger and freight operating companies, rolling stock organisations, main infrastructure contractors and many other buying organisations in the management of supply chain risk.

RISQS is industry-owned and embraces rail’s qualification arrangements previously known as Link-up. 



CIRAS, the confidential incident reporting and analysis service, operating since 1996 and today delivering assurance for member organisations across the UK.

CIRAS offer a corporate safety net that ensures safety, health or other concerns are captured internally and with CIRAS help, investigated to a successful and satisfactory conclusion. 

They expertly facilitate a resolution. For members staff, they offer an alternative independent confidential reporting line, that staff can speak to them knowing their identity will never be shared.



PRB Consulting was established in 2010 to provide a range of tailored services to the rail sector. Their specialist services are centred around compliance and health & safety within this high risk industry. 

The services provided range from track access planning, RISQS and PCL support, Rail Site Management and Auditing, provision of specialist rail safety expertise and consultancy, IRSE Licensing and NSAR Safety Critical Assessments.

PRB Consulting is also part of the RISQS Scheme and has been audited against the IMR, Sentinel and RIPs Modules, maintaining a 5Star rating for the past 3  years. They also hold certification in ISO9001:2015 and SMAS.


Jobson James Rail

There is no substitute for knowledge and experience when providing specialist insurance programmes for rail customers. Jobson James Rail provides a unique level of expertise, which is why their rail client base, currently standing at 180, is growing year on year.

They are a railway insurance broker specialising in securing the most effective policies for a wide range of companies operating in the rail industry, including labour supply companies, train operating companies, rail contractors, rolling stock companies, signalling companies and many more.